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Two nice sexually frustrated girls running a porn blog. One is a virgin. One is not.

gdamnbluepool asked: I guess the important thing is to be able to get into the right mindset for it as well as the possible use of various objects to stimulate different areas that fingers alone cannot reach. Just my humble random opinion. But, in truth, it is nothing compared to the sensation of another. That is probably why some don't enjoy it. So used to the sensation of multiple erogenous points being stimulated at once, just one isn't enough. But I'm rambling. Just gotta find what works or find a fwb.

If only finding a fwb was simple!

gdamnbluepool asked: In regards to masturbation, it is different for everyone. It is hard to say and point out how one should properly masturbate when it truly is different strokes for different folks. From my experience, most women enjoy reading their porn or what have you, letting their minds wander and imagine the feeling of the character in the stories doing whatever it may be. I, myself, am more of a visual type. I like to see it so I can better put myself in it. Just try different things, see which is best

Thanks! This is some great advice

This nice girl is struggling with masturbation. She has never enjoyed it but would like your opinions/suggestions about it! 

i-benevid asked: Hello, excellent blog you have. Keep up the great work. We wanted to ask if you might be interested in spreading the word about our cause - Porn for Charity. We're just looking to get as much reach to the public as possible. People have been very receptive to the idea. If you would like to learn more, check out Beneividz. Feel free to post out video if you would like or any mention of the cause, if not no big deal and we all appreciate your time!

Hey guys check out the information for their cause! I don’t know if they are donating porn to at risk populations or what but sounds like a good time!